Terms of Usage and Privacy Policy


Legal Notice

Article 1: General Provisions

Personal information refers to data such as codes, letters, sounds, voices, and images through which an existing individual is identified.

SKSHIPPING website (www.skhipping.com Hereinafter referred to as 'A') operated by SKSHIPPING (hereinafter referred to as 'Company' or 'SKSHIPPING') places great value on data privacy, and complies with all applicable rules and legal regulations regarding data protection as set forth by the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Etc., and Personal Information Protection Guide established by the Korean Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission.

'A' informs you of how your personal information is used and what actions it takes to protect your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

'A' ensures that you can easily refer to Privacy Policy by disclosing it on the 1st screen of its homepage.

'A' defines a set of procedures required to revise this Privacy Policy for continuous improvement.

This Privacy Policy is subject to changes following changes in the related laws and guides. Version number & revision date are assigned to the changed policy to easily check the changes.

Article 2: Scope and Use of Registered Personal Information

You can freely access most contents provided by 'A' without having to subscribe for a membership. However, Customer, Careers Contact us is required to apply for current open positions.

'A' does not retain sensitive personal information that could possibly violate basic human rights(race, ethnicity, ideology and creed, place of birth, permanent domicile, political inclination, criminal records, medical records, and sexuality, and so on).

1) Scope of personal information registered when users Contact us and use services

- Name, Company, e-mail, etc.

2) Purpose of using personal information registered for Contact us service.

- Name, Company, e-mail, etc.

Article 3: Consent on Collecting Personal Information

'A' establishes procedures where you can agree or disagree with this Privacy Policy and express your consent on the use of personal information by clicking 'Agree'.

Article 4: Personal Information Collection by Cookies

Cookies are a small packet of data the website transmits to your computer browser and generally is encrypted & stored in Windows\cookies on the hard disk. 'A' does not use cookie that store your personal information. However, cookies can be created when you log onto this site and then open another family site on a new window. Still, your personal information is not shown through cookies.

Article 5: Use of Personal Information for Other Purposes and Provision on Sharing Personal Information with 3rd Parties

'A' only uses personal information for the purposes defined byand does not use for other purposes nor provide it to companies other than Company, other parties and other institutions. In particular, personal information can be used/provided to for the followings cases.

- Alliance :

Your personal information can be provided to & shared with an allied company for better service. Your consent is sought via e-mail or document which explains who the allied company is, what information should be shared & why, and how this information should be maintained/protected. The information is not provided to nor shared with the allied company unless your consent is given. Any change in or termination of the alliance also shall be notified to you or require your consent according to the same procedures.

- Consignment :

In case that a company other than SK is entrusted with management of personal information for easier work processing, the name of the company entrusted with, scope of the information on consignment, purpose of consignment, consignment process, contract period and so forth are notified to you.

- Sell-off and M&A :

In case of assignment/delegation of rights and/or duties of service provider due to transfer of partial/whole business or Merger/inheritance, legitimate reasons and procedures shall be specifically communicated to and right to withdraw from previous agreement on the use of personal information is granted to you.

For notification and consent, an announcement is made on the initial screen of 'A' 30 days prior to the use of personal information for other purposes & provision of such to the 3rd party. Concurrently, a separate notice is sent to you more than 1 time via e-mail and active user consent(user directly expressing his/her consent to providing his/her personal information to the 3rd party) shall be sought on the matter of sell-off/M&A.

Followings are the exceptions to the policy.

- Laws with special provisions including Protection of Communications Secrets Act, Framework Act on National Taxes, Act on Promotion of Information & Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Etc., Act on Real-name Financial Transactions and Guarantee of Secrecy, Use and Protection of Credit Information Act, Framework Act on Telecommunications, Telecommunications Business Act, Local Tax Act, Framework Act on Consumers, Bank of Korea Act, Criminal Procedure Act. However, personal information is not provided unconditionally even when administrative or criminal investigation agency requests for use on the grounds of 'special provisions in their laws', and provided in accordance with due process such as executing warrant or paper sealed by head of agency.

- Personal Information is provided in forms unidentifiable its identity to advertisers, partner firms or research groups for compiling statistics/academic research or market research

- It is in principle to inform you of provision of personal information at the request of criminal investigation agency or required by relevant laws except for certain legal grounds. We will do our best to prevent personal information from being provided in an indiscriminate manner for other purposes.

Article 6: Access /Correction to Personal Informatio

You may revise or delete your personal information at any time. Related personnel for personal information management shall take actions on e-mail or phone call request for accessing, revising and deleting data.

Should you request a correction of wrong information, the current information is not used nor provided until the correction is made.

Should wrong information already be provided to 3rd parties, the revisions shall be communicated to ensure that the information is correct.

Article 7: Use/Maintenance Period of Personal Information

Your personal information is destroyed when you request for withdrawal from user consent or the initial purpose for data collection is achieved. However, 'A' is allowed to hold the personal information in accordance with relevant laws. Maintenance period for applicants also can vary depending on details of what they consented to and the announcements made pertaining to applications.

Article 8: Procedures and Methods for Information Destruction

'A' destroys personal information collected based on periods for use/holding after initial purposes are met. Procedures and methods for destroying data are as follows:

- Procedures: your personal information is destroyed on the grounds of data privacy prescribed in internal policy & other relevant laws after the original purposes of collection are met. The data is not used for other purposes than exceptional legal cases.

- Method: Personal information in a form of paper is shredded, burned up or chemically dissolved and personal information in a form of electronic files is deleted by technology that renders the data irrecoverable.

Article 9: Data Protection Technology and Management Plan


'A' uses the following technological methods to protect personal information from loss, theft, leak, falsification, or damage:
Management methods

- 'A' restricts access to your personal information to the minimum number personnel as below:
1. Recruiters that directly carry out the recruiting process with applicants
2. Managers of personal information
3. Those with access to personal information due to nature of their jobs

- Regular internal and external trainings on commission on new security technology and personal information protection are conducted with staffs responsible for personal information management.

- Transfer of duties with regard to personal information management is carried out in tight security and responsibilities for accidents related to personal information are clarified before & after staffs join & leave the Company respectively.

- Personal information and general data are stored separately in different servers.

- Computer rooms and Data storage rooms are designated as a "Special data zone" with restricted access.

- In the event of data loss, leakage, falsification and damage caused by mistake of data management or technical accidents, 'A' will inform you of what happened and seek proper compensation.

Article 10: Link site

'A' can provide you with the links for website or materials of other companies. In this case, 'A' is not responsible for services or data usability as 'A' has no control over external sites or their materials. When you move to the webpage of other sites by clicking the link contained in 'A', you shall review the policy of the site you newly visited as its privacy policy is irrelevant to that of 'A'.

Article 11: Postings

All rights and responsibilities for postings lie with author himself/herself. Also, Users should be cautious before they post any information as information disclosed voluntarily in postings can be difficult to protect.

'A' does its best to prevent your information in postings from being damaged, falsified or deleted. But data can be deleted or revised after explicit or separate announcements in the following cases.

- Spam type postings (e.g.: 'Lucky letter', advertisement on certain site, or advertisements that are linked to other sites.)
- Libelous posting that damages reputation of others with false information
- Disclosure of personal information without consent, violation of rights including copyrights to this service and intellectual property rights of the 3rd party, posting on topics other than subject of bulletin boards
- Posting found in violation of articles of this service or other guides & operation rules

We ensure that postings whose content is transferred from the other boards with different subject shall be indicated its traces.

Article 12: Personal Information Management on Consignment

'A' entrusts an external firm with collection/management/processing of personal information for better service.

- Matters including consignee, contract period, relationship between consignee and service provider and scope of responsibilities will be notified to you via e-mail, writings, phone call or through the homepage.

- Contract on consignment shall clearly prescribe compliance with personal information protection policy, maintaining secrecy, ban on information provision to the 3rd party, taking responsibilities for accidents related to data privacy, contract period and return or destruction of information after processing for service provider. Such contract shall be stored in a form of a document or an electronic file.

Article 13: User's Rights and Duties

'A' places great value on your opinions and you are entitled to get clear answers to your questions.

Please put in your latest and precise information to prevent unexpected accidents. User shall take responsibilities for the accidents caused by incorrect information and may be disqualified from membership on the grounds of false information such as fraudulent use of others' information.

You are entitled to have your personal information protected yet also responsible for protecting yours on your own and not violating others' information. Please ensure that your personal information including password is not disclosed and other's information is not damaged by you. In the event that you fail to fulfill these responsibilities and violate others' information and dignity, you may be punished on charges of violation the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Etc or other regulation.

Article 14: Collect Opinions and Address Complaints

Questions received via e-mail. fax, postal mail and recruiting notice board will be answered promptly and politely.

Responsible personnel for personal information management

- 'A' places great value on personal information protection and ensures that your information is not damaged, violated nor disclosed. But it is not held accountable for data damage caused by unexpected incidents arising from risks inherent in networks such as hacking or various disputes caused by visitor postings.

- Prompt and clear answers are given to your question on data privacy. If you want to contact the responsible party for your personal information management, you can refer to his/her contact number or e-mail address as seen below for quick and clear answers:

- Personal data Manager

  • Name : Choong-Soo Park

  • Department : Corporate Culture Team 2

  • Position : Team leader

  • Phone No. : 02-3788-8410

  • E-mail : jake.park @sk.com

You can contact the Individual Dispute Settlement Committee, Privacy Mark Certification Committee, Internet Crime Investigation Center of Supreme Public Prosecutor Office and Cyber terror Response Center under National Policy Agency for consultations on other personal information related issues.

  • Individual Dispute Settlement Committee (www.1336.or.kr/1336)

  • Privacy Mark Certification Committee (www.eprivacy.or.kr/+82-2-580-0533~4)

  • Internet Crime Investigation Center, Supreme Public Prosecutor Office (http://icic.sppo.go.kr/+82-2-3480-3600)

  • Cyber Terror Response Center, National Policy Agency (www.ctrc.go.kr/+82-2-392-0330)

Article 15: Privacy for Children

'A' does not collect personal information of children under 14 years old.

Article 16: Transmission of Advertisement Type Data

'A' does not transmit ads type data for purpose of profit.

Article 17: Refusal of Unauthorized Collection of E-mail Addresses

'A' refuses to have e-mail addresses collected by e-mail collection programs or other mechanisms without permission. Those in violation of this clause may be punished by the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Etc.

Article 18: Duty of Notification

The current Privacy Policy was revised on November, 2011 any addition/deletion or revisions according to changes in government policy or security technology will be notified at least 10 days prior to revision via the 'Notice' column of the homepage.